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Pipeworks Chimney Existing Conditions. 400-430 Mahoneys Road, Campbellfield VIC 3061, the City of Hume. Lot and Plan Number: Lot 1 PS412479U VOL 9774 FOL 199. Photographs © Hin Lim

A simple brick masonry chimney without complex ornament. It was constructed from the 1950s in red face brick at square base, jagged string course pattern and concrete perimeter between the square base and the chimney, and cream face brick to chimney. Approximately 25m high, 3.5m square base. The chimney is approximately 9m in diameter at the base and tapers up to 1.2m in diameter at the top. Access to the chimney has been bricked up. "The surviving elements of the former Mellody pottery & pipe factory are of local historical significance as one of the last remnants of the once economically important clay industries centred on Campbellfield. The present structure is also of significance as a once typical, but now unusual and particularly large example of pre WWII period terracotta tile works for which the chimney best reflects the site’s function and is also a major local landmark". - The Hume City Heritage Review 2003


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