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Fawkner Methodist Church & Sunday School (former) Existing Conditions. HO370 Moreland Planning Scheme.

The Fawkner Methodist Church & Sunday School (former), also known as the Samoan Presbyterian Church was officially opened on 21st July 1956 by the Rev. Prof. Calvert Barber. It is a single storey weatherboard building with gabled corrugated cement roof and a small entrance foyer. A large weatherboard hall was added to the rear of the church in 1959. The Fawkner Methodist Church & Sunday School (former) is located approximately 17km north of Melbourne CBD at 1218-1220 Sydney Road, Fawkner and is one of the earliest church buildings in the Fawkner area. It was part of the Pascoe Vale Circuit and was associated with the Methodist Church at Merlynston. The Fawkner Methodist Church is of local historical and social significance to the City of Moreland. The archival photographic recording was carried out on 20thJune 2014 to record existing conditions of historically important buildings and structures, gardens and objects prior to alteration or demolition as required by law. Photographic survey by Hin Lim. © Hin Lim | 2014. 7th July 2014

Connection between original church building and hall extension

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